Neema Grace

IMG_9557I held, for the first time, a 3.3 pound baby. Her name is Neema (like the rescue center I work at) and she’s just the sweetest, most perfect thing ever!!IMG_9549


IMG_3854She’s a fighter! We aren’t sure how early she was born, but being only 3.3 pounds at six weeks old leads us to believe she was pretty dang small. IMG_9553

IMG_9550Loooooooooook at how little she is in my hands! I just can’t get over it. IMG_9551Sadly, her mother passed away giving birth.  She is so much smaller in person than the pictures portray. Also the room she’s in at Neema is real hot – we keep the room at 90 degrees. IMG_3836My mama heart getting to be a mama bring tears to my eyes more often than not.  It really blows my mind that little Neema Grace should STILL BE INSIDE the womb. She is so small that she can’t even cry. Yet here she is just living her life of sleeping, eating, and pooping.  IMG_9349

IMG_3816“I praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” and that she is. Wonderfully made in every way. IMG_3827