It Hits Home

Babies are beaten because, “they need to learn that life is hard.”

I’ve lived in Tanzania for just over a year now.  Hearing the stories and seeing babies and children being beaten is really taking a toll on my heart and mind.

I am overcome with the needs of Tanzania.  It’s not my desire to bring the western world into Tanzania, but basic human rights – freedom from torture and degrading treatment – are rights which need to make their way into this country.

Everyone stop what you are doing and think of a helpless baby being beaten to “learn a lesson.”  I don’t know how to fix this.  I don’t have the power to change this.  My heart is so broken.  I’ve known full well that kids in TZ are beaten, but it had always been at an arm’s distance.  Before, it was just a story that wasn’t real to me.  Now that it’s a nine-month old baby boy who you’ve held, played with, and rocked to sleep it hits home.  When it’s a little kid you see walking down the road all the time, it hits home.  When it’s the neighbor girl, it hits home.

Last week I bought a couple of plants to keep in my room.  My little succulents live next to my bed to remind me there is no darkness in God and one day He will vanish all pain.