The other night a worship song was stuck in my head so I started singing it. Shortly after I started singing, I turned the actual song on and after doing so, I stopped singing.

After I stopped singing, Jesus spoke to my heart, “Your voice is enough.”

I often forget I’m enough. I often forget my voice is enough whether it’s me singing praises to God, speaking truth to people, or standing up for myself. My voice is enough. Jesus wanted me to sing and dance to this song as I brushed my teeth and took my makeup off that night because my voice was enough. My room had the most beautiful peace about it that evening because it was just God and I singing, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.”

I haven’t yet found a Tanzanian who has mastered the art of mixing sound. As I am writing this, some truck just went by blaring “music” from like 20 huge speakers attached to the back of the truck. It drives me crazy!

Have you ever been in a church service which didn’t have the highest quality sound? I pulled up to church once with a car full of volunteers and the noise coming from inside the building was downright painful. The kind of painful where your left eye closes, your right eyebrow is at your hairline, your whole head is tilted, and your nose is scrunched up.

I reminded myself they are offering all they have in worship. Even if it isn’t mixed well and I walk out of church deaf, it is enough for God.

Your voice is enough. Your time is enough. Your love is enough. Your praise is enough.

We live in a world where everyone is always trying to one up each other. Not cool. As Easter is upon us let’s remember, we are enough because what Jesus did on the cross was enough to save all of mankind. No need to one up each other. We all have the same savior.

Even with four grownups working together, I didn’t feel like we were “enough” when trying to dye eggs, do an egg hunt, and give Easter baskets to 18 three to five-year-old kids. But, we are all alive with very little dye on our hands and the kids loved it!