“There goes the power” is something I say far too often. This past fall at Neema the power was off more often than it was on. You know you live in a developing country when you run to plug everything you own in as soon as the power turns on. But, I’ve learned to live without electrical power. Yes, I do feel slightly helpless when the ability to Google something is ripped out of my hands, but there is a certain kind of peace which washes over the room when there isn’t any power. You hear the birds more clearly. With fewer distractions, you notice the sounds of kids running and playing.

I know you’ve heard me quote worship song after worship song before. I just love listening to worship music! It calms my heart. Worship music washes peace over me like a power-less room does. I can hear God more clearly. With less distraction, I notice His voice and hear His plan.

Every time I lift my hands up to God as a sign of worship, I am saying, “there goes the power.” My soul finds rest.

What an odd concept. We don’t live in world where we are glad to lose power. We want all of the power all of the time. If I had the power, I wouldn’t be bed ridden with a headache at the moment. My head feels like it is going to roll off of my shoulders if I try and stand up which is really starting to make me mad because I had fun things planned with volunteers today! WHY.

“Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you” Psalm 116:7

Being powerless to headaches and fatherless children and cancer and death and a million other things we can’t control, reminds me to continue to lift my hands up and say, “there goes the power.”

I see His power in the endless plains of the Serengeti. Such great beauty and He simply spoke everything into existence. IMG_8238 2